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Item     Description                  Price
MTR-102  Sikhote-Alin Meteorite        $275
MTR-103  Toluca Meteorite              $225 
MTR-106  Odessa Meteorite (2 halves)   $375
Prices include shipping & handling. Pennsylvannia residents please add 6% sales tax

How to Order:

Since these are 1 of a kind items there can only be one buyer per. As a result we have to handle purchases a little differently:

  1. Reserve your selection(s) via e-mail to sales@1ofakind. The item will be held in your name.
  2. Send a check for the total amount (PA residents please add 6% tax) to:

    Treasure Net, Inc
    660 Pevsner Rd
    Yardley, PA 19067

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